Death Here And There And My Mother's Two Deaths

I wrote this piece when mother had died just weeks after Dia De Los Muertos in 2012. It became a kind of eulogy at her funeral, and was later published in Elephant Journal. I am also sharing another piece I wrote about my mother that was first published in Life in 10 Minutes and included in Life in 10 Minutes print anthology. As we approach Dia de Los Muertos on this side of the border, here is my nod to honoring death. As I write this, I am on my way back to the U.S, from Mexico on this Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday, my mother died. It was thankfully a peaceful death, and hopefully a release for her as I know she has suffered a lot in these last years. As with all death however, (and with a


i cringe when i see the fb page dedicated to his life father, football coach, pillar of the community the one i left long ago in 8th grade he and his friend grabbed me in the local swimming pool the country club for crissakes my pubescent bikini an open invitation in broad daylight they moved like sharks to easy prey but they picked the wrong one i was a fighter then arms and legs kicking where it hurts their laughter reinforcing the game I was to them mere boys, one who might borrow a pencil from me in class the next day as the adrenaline coursed through me rabid-like, i took his thumb in my mouth nearly bit it to the bone he then played the victim wading away in defeat funny, i didn’t feel

Getting Naked With 150 Strangers: Spencer Tunick Comes to Town

Note: This essay (never published) was written in 2012, just after I moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I share it in honor of the upcoming Dia de los Muertos. (And yes, I am in this photo :-) Having been topless on public beaches and even spending a vacation once at a clothing optional venue in Tulum, Mexico, I used to feel pretty comfortable being naked in public. The pleasure of having your body kissed by sun and surf without the confines of even a string bikini trumped whatever trepidation I might have had about being ogled. I had been living about 3 months in San Miguel de Allende, a colorful, surreal pueblo in central Mexico, and to help celebrate my new address, I was looking fo

Finding Things On the Ground

Photos: Linda Laino While some people may see nature as something to experience out of doors or admire through the window, my preference has always been to bring pieces of nature into my house, to be cared for like a foundling. Part of my bio in recent years has included the line 'finding beautiful things on the ground is a favorite pastime'. These 'things' on the ground, to me, are treasures that I have always been obsessed with carrying to home or studio to study, admire and sometimes paint or draw. ​Walks with my then 3-year old boy, Ryder come to mind. It is a cliche of sorts to say that young children teach adults about the world. They ask us to slow down and really see. Since they are

Creating The Newest Mandala

Thanks to my dear friend Ginger Bandoni who has been shooting some great photos and videos of my work in progress, I have these to share. This newest mandala (a detail) is a bit larger than my norm. At 24" square, it is 4 times larger than most, not including the murals. I am loving this new size even though it is challenging given my tight studio space. I had it in mind to create an all white design as I have been quite enamored with white lately in my other paintings. While all of the elements are white, contrast in the form of a rich grey blue has given way to a study in monochrome. This is a study in color restraint for me :-) but one which I think has a quiet elegance. I will post the

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