A Leap in the Dark: Notes From The Studio

Say it Like You Mean it, 8" x 10" watercolor, ink on rice paper I have been making art for almost as long as I have been alive. It occurred to me the other day, that after all these years, I am just now figuring a few things out :-). Perhaps my comrades in this artistic endeavor might relate. There are days in the studio when everything works, like some kind of kismet. You are amazed at what is manifesting, and you float through your space on a creative high (taking occasional dance breaks, in my case). Then there are those times when you wonder how you possibly made it this far in your crazy artist life because you truly don't know what you are doing in the least, and doubt is all-pervasi

Honey Bear

I am told I have a sad face it is a fact even when I don’t feel particularly so everyone used to say it why do you look so sad? the constant inquiry as a child Once I was given a bear I called “Honey” with the same eyes the same expression he is sad like you said the gifter I loved the bear and so maybe I was glad for the likeness our twin frowns wrapped up together in sleep Did I feel more loved then? All the attention to my mood invisible middle child look at me! look at me! I began to own it worked hard at being sad like a reluctant grave digger feeling every aching muscle of it But even then I understood no one understands there were things happening beneath unable to explain it wasn’t s

In Pursuit Of Art: Musings On My Muse

"Imperceptible Weight" 19" x 19.5" oil pastel , ink on paper ~ Linda Laino What is art for? Why do we make it? Is it a necessary part of life? These are strange questions to ponder after I have spent the better part of my life entrenched in art’s gilded fist. I recently ran into a colleague of mine where we talked about the often brought up subject of being a “successful” artist. What does this mean I have wondered? Is the successful artist one who has made covers of various art magazines? The artist who has New York on fire with important exhibitions at all the right galleries? Is it the artist who can command the highest prices for her art, sometimes even before it is produced? If so, the

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