I wrote this poem at the VCCA Le Moulin à Nef art residency in southern France, summer, 2016. My beautiful, light-filled studio faced the Garonne River. I sit with the sound of rain that isn’t rain its plinky symphony keeping time with the rhythm of my pulse The fish bubble up mandalas from the water their widening circles whisper their wisdom before melting back to the source Hibiscus leaves wave their greeting like joyous children flapping unbridled arms frogs, with their croaks and glerks invite me to their morning conversation My senses are greedy and giddy sure that this display is complete and only for me embellishment is gratuitous nature grins her shiny leaf and covers me like warm s

Dr. Radish

This haibun was originally published in Life In 10 Minutes Blog He was known as Dr. Radish, and was something of a minor celebrity in the small college town where I lived. The name was his DJ moniker. He hosted a very popular late night radio show at the college station, where he entertained with obscure Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart records. The more eccentric he was viewed, the better he liked it and seemed to make statements designed to cultivate that eccentricity. He once told me for example, that he was thinking of growing his beard hair long enough to braid into his pubic hair. He relished being thought of as the town oddball, part beard-stroking philosopher, part goofy day-trippe

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