Please Touch

photos: Linda Laino "I feel the delightful, velvety texture of a flower and discover its remarkable convolutions; and something of the miracle of Nature is revealed to me." ~ Helen Keller I had my hands in a fair amount of glue today when it occurred to me for about the millionth time how amazing it is to be able feel things with my fingers. I have always been a toucher, dependent on that tactile sense to give me a better understanding of something. Didn't we all as kids, think it was the height of wonderful to have our hands in some kind of goo? I did. Whether gooey, natural or industrial, texture makes the world interesting and lights up a happy place in my brain when my receptors make co

My Name is Consuela

This haibun was first published in Life In 10 Minutes . Photo: Linda Laino He often frequented the bar where I worked. It was of the hotel variety, and yet in the small town in Florida where I was living, it operated more as a local favorite. I was 20, and at the height of my young loveliness without realizing it, as we don’t when we are young. It also happened to be a time in my life when I didn’t own a bra. This of course, added considerably to my tip jar, and in hindsight the leering looks I often received from my boss. Against this backdrop, I plied the barmaid trade. On the weekends, there was great music lined up and so consistently the place attracted musicians. Is it a natural law th

Painting Saved Me A Little Today: The Studio As Sanctuary

Our old, huge, 1800 sq. foot barn-turned-studio, surrounded by big trees in Virginia, circa 2000 Virginia Studio ↓ What do people do if they don't create? I am not even trying to be facetious. How do they figure things and make sense of things and let go of things? Art-making has been so fused with my life that in addition to my devotion to the formal aspects of creativity, the process sometimes doubles as friend, lover and therapist. I have always recognized the power of being in the studio. The way I can rely on it as sure as the dawn to carry me to a world of my own making. This assurance is helpful when the 'real' world feels less than friendly or safe. Artists are often characterized by

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