Bicycle Romeo

This haibun (revised) was first published in Life In Ten Minutes Blog Beatty Woods was a brand new neighborhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the early 60’s. The “suburbs” was a new concept then, and my family had just moved into what my parents thought of as their dream house. To my 6 year old self, the neighborhood seemed like a vast place compared to our previously tight-knit, narrow, row-housed one. The move seemed huge at the time and whether I was conscious of it or not, it meant navigating a new lifestyle, new school, new friends. On one of the first days there, I was hanging around outside the house trying to imagine where all the people were. It seemed this neighborhood’s pe

Connecting With The Landscape of the Imagination: The Art of Suzyn Hutton Kelley

“Remembering Sewoll” 1.93 X 1.32 m, mixed media on canvas "Success is the bliss of realizing in the moment your true presence, safety & connectedness with all that is. " For Suzyn Hutton Kelley, the sights, sounds and smells of the beach were instilled from birth. Having grown up in the Boca Raton area of Florida with parents who were “two dreamers”, she was destined to feel a kinship with a watery landscape that permeates many of her paintings today. Even her palette leans towards the blues and greens of the sea. She fondly remembers a house that inspired her to paint. “Paintings were the most amazing form of magic to me as a child. My home growing up, fortunately had many great original pa

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