Painting In A Circle Part Three: On To The Wall!

Prepping the wall (Photo: Finn Pedersen) Part three (!) and final post on my mandala mural process. As with many projects, setbacks can occur and often challenge my ability to flow and make changes when necessary. This is a good thing! I always feel that with each project, I learn something new in the process and in turn allows things to go smoother for me and my client. Part Two had me completing the design work and ready to begin on the wall. The first step of the transfer process is to mark out the wall with the correct size and "pie" divisions. Two slight setbacks occurred with this commission that I had to work around. When I went to the house with the intention to begin transferring t

How to Trip and Fall Gracefully: Cultivating Patience South of Border

A walk on a dusty road with friends. (photo: Evelyne Pouget) I fell in love with Mexico on my first trip in 1989. I was on my honeymoon and travelled around by bus for a month with my new husband. Merida, in the Yucatan was our first stop and when we arrived, it was a blissful sensorial shock to my system. The language fell melodious into my ears. The smells flowed through and out my pores. The vivid color threatened to burst my retinas. All of the “foreignness” intrigued me and I absorbed it like my sweat-soaked tank top in the jungle of Quintana Roo. My month-long initiation prompted me to dream, If I ever get the chance to move to Mexico, I will. My “chance” came in 2012, in the form of a

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