Evelyne Pouget: Weaving Together the Formal and the Sacred

Artist Evelyne Pouget has always followed her heart and intuition when it comes to life decisions, with serendipity playing a recurring role. Originally from Paris, she lived in Italy, India (for a year at an ashram) and New York, before succumbing to the often referred to magic of San Miguel almost 18 years ago where she found a new direction and purpose. How she came to a life of art has its origins in the spiritual. A self taught artist, Pouget only made her first painting in mid-life. She recalls that when she lived in Rome, she was surrounded by art and felt its influence strongly, but at the time it didn’t translate to becoming an artist herself. As it turned out, that idea fell into h

Kabriele Rosas Explores The Dark Arts

We don’t often think of witchcraft or black magic in the same thought as art, but multi-disciplined artist, Kabriele (Kabö) Rosas counts these influences as part of many that inspire her work. In addition to connecting deeply with these ideas, travelling and exploring other cultures also play a big part in her creative process. Originally from Mexico City, she started to paint at the age of 12 after her brother moved to L.A. and left her all of his art supplies. “That was the best gift ever,” she says. She feels lucky that she was able to attend a visual and performing arts high school where creativity and innovative thinking were taught and encouraged. It was here she developed her interes

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