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© 2018 by Linda Laino Words + Pictures. 

November 18, 2019

Artist Evelyne Pouget has always followed her heart and intuition when it comes to life decisions, with serendipity playing a recurring role. Originally from Paris, she lived in Italy, India (for a year at an ashram) and New York, before succumbing to the often referre...

November 10, 2019

We don’t often think of witchcraft or black magic in the same thought as art, but multi-disciplined artist, Kabriele (Kabö) Rosas counts these influences as part of many that inspire her work. In addition to connecting deeply with these ideas, travelling and exploring...

April 29, 2018

"Creativity is never a straight line."

     One look at the jewelry design of Austin Titus gives us a clue as to her love of the organic. Circles and coils, rippling pie shapes and cast forms from nature dominate her collections. Nature has always informed her...

March 9, 2018

“Remembering Sewoll” 1.93 X 1.32 m, mixed media on canvas

"Success is the bliss of realizing in the moment your true presence, safety & connectedness with all that is. "

      For Suzyn Hutton Kelley, the sights, sounds and smells of the beach were in...

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