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  • Linda Laino


I wrote this poem at the VCCA Le Moulin à Nef art residency in southern France, summer, 2016. My beautiful, light-filled studio faced the Garonne River.

I sit with the sound of

rain that isn’t

rain its plinky symphony

keeping time with the

rhythm of my pulse

The fish bubble up mandalas

from the water

their widening circles

whisper their wisdom

before melting

back to the source

Hibiscus leaves wave their greeting

like joyous children

flapping unbridled arms

frogs, with their croaks and glerks

invite me to their morning conversation

My senses are greedy and giddy

sure that this display

is complete and

only for me

embellishment is gratuitous

nature grins her shiny leaf

and covers me like

warm smoke

Photo: John Alexander

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