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Christina Johnson: A Passion for Tango, Connection and Lighthouses

January 24, 2020


 "We are connected to the sacred and we are connected to each other, to the earth, and to the spirits who are not on earth.”


Growing up largely south of the border in a rich culture that celebrates life and respects death, Christina Johnson believes in the power of dance, music, food and storytelling as colorful ways to integrate both. When she was very young, her intrepid mother moved her and her sister to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she internalized and owned all of these elements. She has spent her life teaching herself and others how to turn these activities into powerful tools to integrate into their lives. 


In 1998, Johnson discovered tango and along with her dance partner Alex, became the first tango teachers in San Miguel in 2000. Johnson’s prime belief and guide is in the power of spirit and wants to help people understand the connection we have to each other and the earth. Dance, music, food, and storytelling are her muses and she has a passion to teach others how these creative outlets can help us bond to each other and our human spirit. Early humans used dance as ritual, offering, celebration and to honor the dead. “The movement of our bodies and the sweeping and pounding of our feet formed a language that had the most important communication of all: we are all connected.” 


She considers dance a form of therapy and in addition to her many years of dance training, she combines this with considerable formal training in other healing modalities such as yoga, polarity, psychotherapy, and Craniosacral therapy.


Johnson knew she was a gifted healer from a young age. “Authentic connection with people has always been very important to me.” Finding her purpose and passion early in life along with a desire to connect, has led her to want to share her experiences with communities around the world. Creating events— most recently, the One Heart Festival in San Miguel—, has become her vehicle, as she says, “...to connect us in the heart-felt way we are meant to bond.” 

Johnson is no stranger to community events and produced eight major tango events with teachers and musicians brought from Argentina between 2000 to 2012. While tango is an important and integral part of her global travels, her trips also center around the understanding of a culture and how to connect all of the different aspects of it for a total immersion experience for her clients.


Aptly named “Beyond Tango,” in addition to dance, her trips include such activities as exploring volcanoes in Hawaii, cooking truffles in a culinary class, and helping with baby turtles at reserves in Mexico. Having lived in Germany, Switzerland, Madrid, and Paris, as well as Latin America, in her childhood, she wants to share with her clients, positive ways of thinking and being in the world that may differ from their own. An example is an eight week workshop she created called, “Living Your Dream”, where participants really dig deep with exercises and homework into their own lives to find their primary passions and possibly find some deeper understanding of the world along the way.

Because Johnson’s primary motivation is connection, she believes her festivals can serve as an antidote to all of the injustice and devastation in the world. Admiring iconoclasts as diverse as Oscar Wilde, Stephen Hawking and Aretha Franklin, she says, “I am here as a pioneer to help (myself) and others go beyond their perceived limitations and to offer themselves to their lives.”  She has long been a believer of finding her passion, living it, and ultimately sharing it with the world.

With many interests in the creative field, and now focusing on writing a book, Johnson has discovered a now solace in her fascination with lighthouses. Claiming to be equal parts introvert and extrovert, her need to restore some of her own energy led her to an interest in lighthouses as beacons of solitude. Where better to discover the light within? She stayed in one recently and hopes to find more where she can concentrate more on her writing projects high on such an inspirational perch.

While dance is her first love, for Johnson, tango is not just a dance. It is a metaphor. The give and take of the partners, teaches a kind of alternate power and surrender. What we all vacillate between everyday of our lives. Tango, bodywork, psychotherapy and healing are all interconnected with the flow of life. She likens this idea with a powerful spiritual awakening. “Authentic tango is not just an art form, but is ultimately, deliverance.”

For more information about Christiana and all the services she offers, please visit her website at visionarypower.com

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