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Please contact me at or Mexican cell  +52 415 566 1684 in order to discuss your needs and my simple process.

Promote Your Artwork
Let Me Tell Your Story

Would you like your work to reach more collectors? Do you have an exhibition coming up that would benefit from additional PR? Would you like collectors to gain a greater understanding of your work in order to generate more sales? Let me help you by writing a profile for your next exhibition, sale, studio visit or possible publishing opportunity in your area.  

Artists excel at creating images-that is what they do. What they are not always good at is translating those images into words. During an artist’s career, he or she is often asked to do just that-for grants, exhibitions, and speaking engagements. 

As a professional artist with a career spanning almost 40 years, I am first and foremost an art lover and maker. Creating my own work allows me to write objectively about another’s, yet still relate to how they may have arrived at their conclusions, since I have explored and understand my own creative process.

Profiles are the artist’s story. This is a marketing tool. When someone buys a piece of art, they are curious about the artist’s background. Having a written profile accompany a gallery exhibition can help boost sales by giving the buyer something extra-a connection to the maker.

I invite you to read these published artist profiles.

When a collector wants to purchase a piece of art, they often want to know something about the artist. It helps them understand the work more if they can understand the artist’s thoughts, and creative process and maybe even some insight into their personal story.

Many people are intimidated by art and artists. They are interested and intrigued and want to know more but maybe don’t know which questions to ask. A profile can help the buyer and seller begin a dialogue. 


"Linda is a perceptive and sensitive writer. Her empathic view of others, careful research and grasp of overall direction lends her writing deep understanding and dimension within the fleshed out bigger picture she paints. Linda’s writing, like her mandalas are full of color rhythm, and lively tempo.” ~Suzyn Hutton Kelley, Jeju-do, South Korea

“Linda Laino was a true find! She wrote a beautiful article about me that was so spot on. I have used it on my website. She has a poetic writing voice and with a series of very intuitive questions in advance she practically wrote the entire article before meeting me. I asked her to do it in a rush for an art show and her turn around time was less than 48 hours. Our Meeting turned out to be just a great cup of coffee as she had already written the article!"~Jana Koplen, NY, NY and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


  • Clarify your thought process and give collectors some insight into your creative process, education and inspiration. 

  • Art galleries, other artists and art venues want to see press coverage. 

Here Is The Process:
How A Written Article Can Help Promote Your Work
  • An article promotes your “story” by creating interest and can generate more sales with collectors. 

  • An article can be copied and handed out to prospective buyers at your exhibition openings. They will be grateful to know more about your work! 

  • An article can drive traffic to your website and give you credibility. 

  • Framing your work and process in a professional article can have an impact on your reputation as an artist.

  1. You send me a link to your website or images of your work. 

  2.  I email you a list of questions in order for you to consider your responses.  

  3. We schedule an interview in person or through Skype and discuss your background and creative process working from the previous list of questions. 

4.  I write the first draft of the article of             800-1200 words.

5. I send you the first draft to check for            accuracy of facts, you may make note of      any changes you deem important. 

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6. I consider the changes and write the              final draft. You receive the article                  composed in a polished document

     with your images.

 7. You are ready to copy and distribute             your article as a promotional tool 

8. I will promote the article on my social          media drawing collectors to your                  website.

 9. Payment of $250 through Paypal.

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